Farmer’s Market

I met two stand owners at the Kerrytown Farmer’s Market~

Walking through the market was nice and relaxing! The bustle of people there reminded me of the farmer’s market back at home, and it was a great trip to get off campus and see people other than the students and professors on campus.

The first one was Debbie Marx, who made all the jewelry herself! I asked her where she found her materials and she said that she’s had a fascination with gems ever since she was five so that’s when she started collecting beautiful stones. She goes to gem shows, and buys them from places, and finds them, and basically gets her materials from anywhere–there is no specific one place.

She gave me a sheet with a short autobiography to make my assignment easier and she told me that all students get a dollar off whatever they buy! Wow! Overall, speaking to her was a fun experience and she was a really friendly person.


The second one seemed to be in a rush because I did go to the market sort of late, but she sells purses and wallets that she had made herself. Her name is Diana and she gets her materials from distributors. She’s been doing this for 40 years! Holy cow!

I didn’t get to take a picture though, sadly, because she seemed so hurried and busy. Maybe next time.

I wish the Farmer’s Market was a little bit closer to campus; I love the atmosphere and definitely would visit more often!


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